Plaxton Trust has helped community

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REFERRING TO the letter from SW Mills. While I have sympathy with the view that it is a pity that the Athletic ground could not be preserved for football, it was never possible for it to be supported financially by the Plaxton Trust as such use would not have been considered charitable.

Mr Mills asks what happened to the money left to the town by Eric Plaxton. The answer is very simple. All of it has been used for the benefit of the people of Scarborough, and the Trustees have never claimed anything for their expenses.

Numerous grants, some large, some small, have been made to a great many local charitable organisations, including the Scarborough station of the RNLI which was the favourite charity of both Eric and his sister Gladys. Others to benefit have been local churches, schools and village halls.

The Plaxton Trust was responsible for the bringing to the town of an extra care scheme in the shape of the development by the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust in Woodlands Drive known as Plaxton Court. It also provided the money for the formation of the Plaxton Family Housing Trust which now owns blocks of flats in two locations in the town for letting at discounted rents to elderly persons. They are Eric Court, Gladys Court and Evelyn Court in Commercial Street and Bethany House in Fulford Road.

Fully audited accounts for the Trust have been filed each year with the Charity Commission. These are available for public inspection and list all the charities which have benefited. Fifteen years have now elapsed since Eric’s death, and, taking into account the size of the available funds, the Commission originally set a deadline of August 2010 for all the money to be distributed. At the request of the Trustees this was extended by one year. The final payments were actually sent out four weeks ago, so it is no longer possible for any more grants to be made, and the Trust is now in the process of being dissolved.

John Parkinson

FW Plaxton Charitable Trust

Dunwell Avenue