Plea over store plan

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A POLL of 5,500 persons in September resulted in 89 per cent declaring a preference for an Asda store. In January a headline reads that 70 per cent are in favour of a Tesco store and we’re not told how many persons took part in the poll.

Re article headed “Tesco in clear over impact on environment” which stated also that an environmental impact assessment is required for major developments which “are likely to give rise to significant environmental effects”.

Scarborough Civic Society argue strongly that such an assessment should be completed.

Marcus Whitmore, the council’s area planning manager states that no assessment is necessary - how very convenient. The residents of Columbus Ravine, Dean Road, Clifton Street, Victoria Street, Hoxton Road will feel the effect. Let’s not forget we’re losing Lower Trafalgar Street West if the job goes ahead. Massive trucks on narrow streets and just wait, perhaps the loss of the Dean Road roundabout to be replaced with more traffic lights.

Mike Wilson

Garfield Road