Please don’t tell anyone...

congratulations to Rotherham Council for hosting the wonderful Fair’s Fayre event.

It had lots of information for disabled people, including things that will help to improve my life and some lovely entertainment.

We know that money is being reduced so it is wonderful that the council still feels that disabled people are important enough to merit such a lively and interesting event.

The only negative for the day was that visitors were not allowed to park in the Magna car park they were directed to a spot that was a 10 minute walk away...and much longer for disabled people twith mobility problems. On the way home I ‘clocked’ the mileage at 0.6mph.

Julie Harpham

Wonder buses

WOW! What a ride the eco-friendly double decker green bus is.

It’s the next best thing to a Rolls Royce.

Forget the car, hop on a bus and let the professionals take the strain. They can do it, they’re very well trained.

EB Warris, Raeburn Place, S14

Council hides behind legislation

the pensioner claiming for tree damage from the council has my sympathy as we’ve been in a similar position for nine months.

It’s the way they hide behind legislation that gets me and then quote the old line ‘the council is reliant on ad hoc inspections and notification from the public.’

We’ve had this on at least three letters but when I requested information under the Freedom of Information Act regarding the ‘ad hoc’ inspections, guess what – there weren’t any and never had been any for the preceding three years!

As for the public notification, well that’s no good either. They had the nerve to say: ‘Its not a requirement to carry out ad hoc inspections. These are not inspection as such but rather are instances when an inspector will notice defects in the course of carrying out their duties…’

They lost our original call, but then we found they’d received ‘public notification’ four days before our incident from someone else and it was recorded twice! It was then eight days before a repair was done.

Where are all the ‘no win no fee’ merchants when you want them? They are not interested.

IM, S20

Please don’t tell anyone...

A LITTLE chunter (Sheffield speak for ‘grumble’) for you this fine October morning.

I have had a leaflet about green bin garden waste collections, which says that ‘the gardening season finishes on Wednesday, October 26)’. It’s official, the council says so!

So, all those roses and other bushes, and the annual plants we discard in November, don’t count.

Of course, you can create your own compost heap, if you can find room around the black, blue and green bins, and the blue box.

Or you can gather all your waste stuff and take it to your nearest recycling centre. I’m sure the bus driver will understand.

You can also arrange to join their discounted compost bin scheme. Whatever that is!

You can also send an email and object but don’t expect a reply.

The collections start again next year, but they don’t say when. I bet the people who thought this up have paved gardens and posh pot plants.

In the meantime, I’m afraid my stuff is going to go in the black bin.

But please don’t tell anybody at the town hall.

Beryl White

Well done to Spud

My heart bleeds for Carl Lazenby (Oct 27) who has taken up burglary as a hobby and complains about the police dog Spud biting him when caught hiding in a victim’s garden.

Had he been caught stealing at mine he would have had two dogs biting him. He got off light, I say.

Well done police dog Spud.

Jade Cantor, Birdwell

Refurbish our homes

council leader Julie Dore says there is no money in the pot to pull down the flat-roof houses on the Arbourthorne Estae (Oct 13).

What she does not say is that the EU has money to refurbish our homes.

She has refused to acknowledge any letters sent to her from me asking her to refurbish our homes via the EU’s money.

George Day, Arbourthorne Estate

Wrong and immoral

ex-pats who have gone to live in warm countries havn’t paid anything into the system that would entitle them to the winter fuel allowance.

It was a gift from the Labour Government to help the pensioners with British fuel bills.

Taking a winter fuel allowance for sunning themselves is wrong and immoral.

Kathy Fraton, Chapeltown