Please have some consideration when using the bus

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I RECENTLY read about a lady and her mobility scooter.

I had a similar problem with my wheelchair on the bus, myself and my daughter, who is six months heavily pregnant.

The bus pulled up and let us on, to my surprise we had to fold my chair up and I had to sit on the edge of a seat, my daughter had to stand with my chair.

There were three middle-aged women on the front seats, nothing but shopping with them, none of them offered to move further back and give up the seats to myself and the wheelchair and my daughter who was still standing, because I was at the very edge I was getting knocked from pillar to post.

The bus driver was very sorry, he could not move them.

At what point should you have to ask them to move? I was very annoyed, these women should have moved for my daughter, let alone a wheelchair user. So please, have some consideration next time.

Jo Hutchinson