Pleased younger folk campaigned

As a 60-odd-year-old and a person who has never been shy in coming forward to say what I think, it is very heart warming to know that some of today’s younger generation are not afraid to stand up and be counted.

I refer of course to Mark, Charles, Paul, Rob and last but definitely not least Vikki, who did all they could to try and protect the Beech tree at Irton.

They didn’t live there but felt so strongly and so passionately about the tree’s demise that they were willing to put themselves in the spotlight and take a stand.

So what response did their objections receive from the bureaucrats from Northallerton and Scarborough?

If you don’t pack it in we will get the Police to throw you in jail!

These are the same people who are demonstrating and wanting our support to stop the present government cutting their fat Civil Service salaries and pensions, no chance of any support from me.

With your attitude towards the rest of us peasants, you don’t deserve any support from us.

Just look at the face on the front page of Wednesday’s Scarborough Evening News and tell me that you are proud of threatening this young lady with a prison sentence for standing up for what she believed in.

The tree had a preservation order on it and every option including moving the drains should have been gone into before huge legal costs were run up without a thought of where the money was coming from.

Finally, a message to the County Council Highways man who stood there and threatened these youngsters with all his legal jargon and the full weight of the County Council behind him.

Try doing the job you are paid for, which is to sort out North Yorkshire’s rubbish highways and act like what we pay you to be, a Civil Servant working on our behalf.

K Kitching

Filey Road