Plenty of life left in 70 year olds

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PLEASE ALLOW me to reply to TW Ward (Your Views April 27).

I think Tom Ward is making a statement with tongue in cheek. Really Tom have you given up on life? Indeed to suggest that we older persons are reaching for the ‘get out’ pill at 70 is a bit much, don’t you think?

Naturally the doctor’s waiting room is full of elderly persons, although in my experience it also contains a number of people not from this country. But that is only an observation. I visit my GP for a yearly MOT, if he gives me the green light on my bodily functions, I shake his hand and tell him I shall see him once again one year from then.

My heart seems to be in reasonable shape, my lungs still draw air into them in a satisfactory way, my limbs still function as well as they should, and my brain! Yes well, I’m not altogether sure about that, I admit I do sometimes forget the occasional thing, my wife suggests that senility is not that far away, but hey, I’m 75 for goodness sake, what does one expect.

At the age of 60 my better half and I decided that if we did not discover the continent of Europe by then, we never would, so we bought a very large motor cycle and spent the next six years touring. My 70th birthday approached and my driving needed checking, I was already a member of the Institute of Advanced Motorists but I wanted an assessment on my ‘skills’.

There is of course a lot to be said for a voluntary approach to the planet’s burgeoning population. The obvious one to me is, don’t have so many children, indulge the act of procreation by all means, it’s very enjoyable, but take an adult approach to sex, prevention as they say!

If Tom, you find yourself with time on your hands, do what I and other have done. Do now what you should have done in your youth. I joined a writers group, I meet interesting people, I meet people who have published books. I attend motorcycle race meetings as a marshal, I talk to men older than I who still can throw a speeding bike around Oliver’s Mount. I converse with a 69 year old who, with his wife as the ‘other driver’, hammers a 2.5 litre BMW up the steep Quarry Road on the same circuit.

I have a 13 year old granddaughter and we discuss things that are relevant to her generation, my grandson and I take in the occasional game of golf and enjoy the pint afterwards.

As far as the garden shed goes Tom, paint it now before rigor mortis sets in. Forget the ‘pill’, your time will come like it will to all of us, that is the one certainty in our lives, we all at some time or other die. And that if I may say so is a fact.

Mr R Marshall

Elmville Avenue

Dean Road