Poetry: Moving, funny or inspiring

Christine Holliday insinuates (Letters, July 25) that, because he is running a poetry project on waste disposal, John Wedgwood Clark doesn’t have a “proper job”. That’s a mean-spirited slur on teachers who try to find imaginative ways to convey knowledge and enthusiasm to local pupils.

Nor does she seem that keen on poetry in general. I’d like to tell her that, in and around Scarborough, a wide range of people read, write and perform poetry about life’s pleasures, tragedies and mysteries. At its best, poetry is moving, inspiring or funny. Good poetry makes lives richer.

Should she contact me, I would be delighted to treat Ms Holliday to a ticket to the forthcoming ‘Enormous Yes!’ performance at Scarborough’s Nomad cafe, where I and friends will be using poetry, music and fine food to celebrate the best in life and to challenge the depression and despair which darken many lives.

I can reassure Ms Holliday that we shall be receiving no public funding for this performance!

Felix Hodcroft