Police: PCSOs have no ‘proper’ power

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Re your story about the new Police Community Support Officers (August 1).

Firstly these civilian uniformed officers have no warranted powers. They are of course being misused from their original concept and intention, finger in the dam!

They can’t investigate crime and have limited powers of detention.

Robert Peel the founder of the police hence ‘bobbies’ will be turning in his grave.

There is no substitute for the warranted ‘bobby’ and I know who I would want to see in times of criminal trouble and it’s not a PCSO armed with a pocket full of fixed penalty tickets.

The North Yorkshire taxpayer is paying for a service that should be in the main be provided by the council.

So please don’t mislead the public who may be very disappointed when they find the help they need isn’t capable of being given.

J Pawson

Weaponess Valley Road