Politics: Is it just same old, same old?

Tory MP defector to UKIP Douglas Carswell, in causing a by-election in Clacton, said on his blog that he just thinks it’s the decent thing to do - “If I’m going to make this move, I must get permission from my folk in this part of Essex” he says.

I dare say Mark Reckless, the other defecting MP, thinks the same in bringing about another by-election. So I wonder whether new UKIP councillor Mike Ward agrees with them?

Is there a point of principle, or just the same old, same old politics? Will you now put yourself forward in a by-election following your own defection Mike?

It also seems to have gone without notice that Scarborough Borough Council, with Cllr Green’s defection to the Tories, has now passed into overall Conservative control - given the previous situation that doesn’t make a lot of difference, but once again the people haven’t had a say.

Cllr Colin Challen

Labour member for Castle Ward,

Scarborough Borough Council,

Leader of the Labour Group