Poor reflection of bird respect

it is very disturbing to read that geese are being killed by flying into the side wall of Kepwick House on the North Bay, confused by the colour or appearance of the facade, as other writers have suggested.

Whatever the cause one hopes the matter will be investigated urgently and a solution found.

Geese are already suffering enough from the filthy water in their pond in Valley Road, South Bay, which they have to drink and in which they need to bathe and wash their eyes regularly.

The other day after heavy rain I saw a number of them on the pavement as though awaiting their turn while others sat in the gutter drinking the rain water flowing along it, which although not perfectly clean on account of cars passing along the road, was evidently nicer than the foul water in their pond.

I understand that the water in the pond comes from the beck near Weaponness Valley Road where a putrid smell has been bothering residents for some time and where in spite of attempts by the environmental services to banish the “horrific pong” as it was described, it still lingers.

It must be finding its way down to the pond where the poor geese have to suffer it, for there is a similar unpleasant smell from the pond.

One hopes the council will urgently tackle these problems once and for all.

J Staunton

Westwood Gardens