Popular hill and field must be saved for public to enjoy

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A Great day out for the people of Scarborough

For all snow lovers in Scarborough, Sunday gone was a great family day out, for scores of people, on the Moor Lane Hill on Newby. The sun was shining and the snow lay heavy for people of all ages to safely slide down the hill on whatever contraption they chose to use; from expensive snow boards to less expensive toboggans or inflatable rings. It did not matter, it was fun and it was free and people travelled from Newby and beyond to enjoy this simple, wonderful local family tradition that entertained folk all day long.

It was like a day on the piste with families meeting families, young people exercising and happy but not a computer game in sight. People wrapped up for warmth were soon warm enough in the sunshine to doff their coats and cast off all the worries of the week and simply enjoy. Family canines were also having a marvellous time, chasing each other, catching snow balls and bounding up and down the hill after happy people. The view from that hill was also stunning and just added to the total ambience.

While my own family and waggy dog enjoyed themselves, I as a member of “Save the Moor Lane Field Committee” took it on myself to mingle but unobtrusively remind people that if they got good photos and or had a good time then to send their views and snaps to the Scarborough Evening News. I did not want to interrupt their day yet everyone showed a positive enthusiastic response.

That is until I stumbled across Councillor Edwards whose response was more mocking and made clear indication that he would sell the field, despite the fact that he and his lovely family were having an excellent time like everyone else.

Some people are used to skiing holidays, but many there on Sunday cannot afford such luxuries but they had the chance to enjoy a winter’s day of sport with their friends and families.

This annual event is obviously not new to the area for the people of Scarborough as they have been doing similar events each winter for generations. Some councillors may throw in arguments about housing being needed in the area but vast building plans have already been approved in the Scarborough area. A number of councillors do oppose the destruction of the field and they have said so publicly, and we salute them.

In my view, to take away this particular hill and field would have little impact on housing needs and would not necessarily help resolve any financial problems even in the medium term; except for a few individuals.

It would, however, have a devastating effect on the people of Newby and Scarborough both for those groups who use this green field throughout the year and for all the groups who have family fun times in the lonely winter months.

I urge all the people who have enjoyed the Moor Lane Field and Hill, either past or present, to let their views be heard and oppose the sale of this land for development.

Let it remain “ours” for people to enjoy in generations to come and remind ourselves that the simple, free pleasures in life can actually be the best.

John Hampton

Hackness Road