Pot-hole death risk is realistic

I FEEL obliged to write in support of Mr Pawson (1/2/2011) and his comments on the current state of the roads, with particular reference to pot-holes.

The situation has now reached proportions where there is a real risk of an accident possibly resulting in a fatal injury to a cyclist, or motorcyclist, and the likelihood of accidents involving cars colliding, due to trying to avoid pot-holes to prevent expensive damage to vehicles, possibly involving pedestrians as well.

As a member of the most savagely taxed group of people at least in Europe, and possibly the world, the British motorist, I expect better.

The cause of the pot-hole problem is predictably blamed on the bad weather in this, and last, winter, but of course this is only the symptom, the cause is years of neglect, under-investment, and lack of maintenance of all but the motorways and main arterial road network, resulting in our minor and link road system being more fitted for the use of donkeys and oxen carts as in a third world country.

We have a very vocal anti motor car lobby active in British politics (The Green Party), perhaps it is now time for everybody involved in road transport whether they be the motorist, the haulage industry, or the motor cyclist, to find their voices and mobilise their opinions, to put pressure on local, and national politicians, to demand value for their huge tax burden, and voice concerns over their personal, and indeed public safety.

Mr F Dore

Maple Drive