Potash plan: Intransigent attitude from the authorities

May I suggest that if I were the managing director of York Potash, and I had tried my damndest to agree to all that was suggested (both those suggestions that are of a serious nature and those that are total cloud cuckoo land thinking) to my company in the belief that at some point within the past five years a definite decision to proceed was given, then I would sit back and relax.

But as of now, with another round of interminably exasperating talks that go no where, I would up sticks and find a bigger deposit of potash in another country.

It has been said that ‘time is of the essence’, apparently this saying has by-passed all planning authorities, to the extent that we have minority groups wanting to shout the loudest on matters that are irrelevant to what is proposed in order to look to be the most important and have the dubious attitude to conservation both climatic, flora and fauna.

Do the majority of people on this island really care about crested newts? (If these creatures are so small in number why is it that they seem to pop up in places where an important development is proposed?) More to the point, how many citizens go out of their way to find these so called endangered species?

Now we have government-funded National Trust/National Heritage/Forestry Commission, probably DEFRA as well, all muscling in just to make things more difficult for a private company that is willing to put up millions of pounds to create jobs and income for this country.

And by god we need both. And by god we need companies to put money into the infrastructure. What we do not need is an intransigent attitude from ‘planners’.

For goodness sake just give permission for the work to start, as far as I can see from the plans now available I see no objection to these new suggestions from York Potash.

It is people in protected occupations, ie local and national authority employees, who are reluctant to take into account what is required by this country. We have an enormous trade deficit, we have built up an incredible amount of debt in personal loans (approximately £15,000 per man, woman and child in this country owes that amount). We need companies like York Potash to invest.

If too much red tape is in the offing then dispense with it and let’s get on with turning this country around. This government is doing just that, but there are the few that decry any good policies.

R Marshall

Elmville Avenue