Potholes: Smooth roads for royalty

I was watching highlights last week of the state opening of Parliament in the capital city of London.

As Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh left Buckingham Palace in the royal carriage and headed down the Mall my vision was some what focused on the road surface, why? Do you know there was not a pothole in sight, smooth running all the way to Westminster and the Palace of Westminster. I thought this can’t be right, everywhere I travel on the Queen’s highway potholes are everywhere the highway is falling apart.

I also noticed the road markings there were crisp and clean, and yet road markings around our area and in Scarborough are in a right state, some have worn off the road surface altogether.

Finally, the gateway into Scarborough via the A64 along Seamer Road after Queen Margaret’s junction is a disgrace it is like off roading and I wonder should our Royal Family visit and travel this route I bet the road surface would soon be redressed. The amount of cash we motorists spend from road fund licence, VAT, and everything else that goes with motoring, the road surfaces should be in a better state.

The motorcar, except for 4x4s, is built and designed to run on a flat road surface...aren’t they?

J Large

Shire Croft