Power: Nuclear is the energy answer

‘Ministers at war over secret wind-farms evidence’, this was the headline in The Daily Telegraph (August 20). The article points out that an official study of the impact of wind-farms and renewable energy is being suppressed by the Department of Energy.

It is claimed that the Department of Energy and Climate Change run by Ed Davy and the Liberal Democrats, want to stop Colin Paterson, the Conservative Environment Secretary, publishing a major report that he has commissioned on renewable energy and the rural economy.

The chickens are now coming home to roost as I described in my letter in the Scarborough News of March 28 this year in which I made clear that renewable energy is not compatible with the National Grid. This is because when the wind isn’t blowing the Grid needs an alternative supply available at the flick of a switch. The only way out of supplying this extra capacity is by a gas powered generator, or the very small amount of hydro power we have.

On April 25 this year we had our local Green councillor Dilys Cluer challenging my comments in the Scarborough News by saying they were inaccurate and exaggerated. This shows of course just how out of touch with reality she is. I can easily prove how accurate every one of my statements are.

She, on the other hand, got most of her comments wrong. I really think it is time the Green Party changed its name to the Ostrich Party! She is of course now complaining about the proposed fracking to find the new sources of gas needed for the gas powered stations that can be turned on at the flick of a switch.

Thank goodness the councillors of Ryedale District Council turned down the recent application against the recommendation by the officers to approve the plan to site 10 wind turbines towering to 410ft along the edge of the Wolds just south of East Heslerton.

The French Paluel nuclear power plant just across the Channel near Dieppe that has been giving full power when needed since June 1984, except for a blockage to the cooling due to algae from the sea water cooling that was easily fixed. It produces power equivalent to 1,842 of the proposed East Heslerton site turbines if they were working to 100 per cent capacity. Data has shown that the average output of 3MW when the turbines average only 20 per cent so in reality Paluel produces the equivalent of 9,210 wind turbines of this size.

What would Cllr Cluer prefer? Fracking or nuclear power?

France of course is the country selected to host the world’s first nuclear fusion plant at Cadarach 37 miles north of Marseilles after they were awarded the contract in June 2005. Nuclear fusion is the world’s answer to cheap unlimited electricity with no hazards connected to it whatsoever.

Regarding home produced electricity from people with solar panels - small turbines, some are receiving 40 pence per kilowatt for what they feed into the Grid.

Buying a product at double the price and selling it for half what you paid for it is lunacy yet this is what the Government are doing.

My top retail price that I pay for electricity has just gone up from 17 pence to 20 pence per kilowatt. So how does that make economic sense?

Colin Wigglesworth

Providence Place