Praise: Book festival puts our town on the map

I write to record my admiration of Heather French and Peter Guttridge for organising and arranging another excellent book festival in the town. Once again they produced a variety of authors with a variety of subjects including those to entertain, those to inform and those to make us think.

Their use of the many fine buildings in the town (the Spa and town hall) and their continued search for the different (The Dead House Walks) was a delight to be enjoyed. And enjoyed it was by the many who attended, including a good number from outside the borough.

The book festivals at Hay on Wye and Edinburgh might be bigger, longer and more widely known but Heather and Peter have firmly put the name of Scarborough on the literature map.

My congratulations to both for their hard work, their commitment and their determination, that despite a lack of statutory funding, they again put together a wonderful and thoroughly enjoyable book festival.

David Blackburn

Redcliffe Court