Precept was agreed back in November

RE: EASTFIELD Eastfield Parish Precept.

It is worth pointing out that the Parish Precept was actually agreed by Eastfield Parish Council back in November 2011, November is always the month when we as a council set our budget and precept. Since then information on what the council had agreed to do has been widely available through the published minutes which can be downloaded from the website and viewed on notice boards and in Eastfield Library.

I would also like to point out, to the contrary of what one parish councillor is saying, that it was not I as Chairman of the Parish Council who solely decided both the council budget and its level of precept. Before coming to the full November 2011 parish council meeting it was debated and put together by the Parish Council’s Finance Committee, the finance committee then put forward the budget and precept as a recommendation to the full membership of the council. As chairman I then put it to the vote of the full council where eight parish councillors voted in favour, one voted against and one abstained, therefore both the budget and precept were approved by a fully democratic and majority vote.

I would also like to point out that the funding which Eastfield Parish Council made available for Eastfield Library does not mean that Eastfield residents are being taxed twice for it because the funding was made available to assist with additional services and activities and not for general running costs.

Eastfield Parish Council has always been keen to expand where possible services for young people, this I believe is why the parish council agreed as part of its budget to make funding available for Westway Boxing Club to assist with their plans to expand their operation. I personally hold Westway Boxing Club in high regard due to the positive work they do with our young people in Eastfield.

Eastfield Parish Council has always been a catalyst for improvements in Eastfield and I for one am proud to be a part of it.

Cllr Brian Simpson

Chairman of Eastfield Parish Council

Sweetbecks Close