Premier tourist town needs to have premier attractions

IS THERE anyone on our council who understands the need for attractions in a premier tourist town?

But let me list the achievements over the years.

The Odeon was closed and in its place we have a theatre which has to be subsidised.

A block of flats which benefits only the developers.

An Open Air Theatre which, if the first three months show a pattern, is destined to be a white elephant.

A vast amount spent on the Spa, condemning the Futurist to ruin.

The closure of that superb children’s attraction – Kinderland – and plan, surprise, more accommodations.

It seems, then, that the attractions which remain are the sea and the sands, amusement arcades and the donkeys.

Council: If you are aiming to make this into a non-tourist holiday town, you must be pleased so far.

Robert Wilson

Lowdale Avenue