Preserve town’s heritage

UNFORTUNATELY, I do not live in Scarborough at the moment but I was born and raised there and sorely miss the place. Its beauty is unparalleled. The view from the Clock Tower cafe over the glorious Victorian Spa and the expansive South Bay beach cannot be matched. So, it is in utter disbelief and outrage that I have observed from afar the council’s proposal for the Spa’s sea wall.

In this day and age of engineering there has to be another solution besides destroying a site that has attracted visitors to the town for decades.

Perhaps you lucky residents of Scarborough are taking for granted the beauty and heritage that surrounds you, and that you are fortunate to enjoy every day.

Be assured, if a massive, ugly slab of concrete covering an area of 13,000 square metres is dumped on that beautiful beach beneath the Spa, where I and most of you and your kids have enjoyed walking and playing in the sand at Children’s Corner, we will all be sorry.

Please wake up and act now to preserve your town’s heritage before it’s too late.

S Bale

West 78th Street

New York, NY