Produce: Being patriotic is not in style

On the day it was announced that the government has sold 80 per cent of the UK blood bank to an American private equity company, I tried to buy some English apples.

Marks and Spencer in Scarborough town centre had a fine display of apples, none of them English. I went to Tesco’s, Westwood, Sainsbury’s, Falsgrave, and Morrison’s, Eastfield - same story.

You can choose from up to two dozen varieties brought in from South Africa, Chile, even New Zealand. But in the part of the world which has ideal soil and climate conditions for growing over a thousand fine apple varieties, the big supermarkets had none apart from Bramley cookers in two stores.

Apple growers and blood donors may despair but it seems that being patriotic is not profitable and is going out of style.

David Mason

Prince of Wales Terrace