Professionalism of staff at hospital was first class

RE: PRAISE to Scarborough Hospital.

I wish to pay tribute to the staff of the A and E department plus Cherry and Maple wards who dealt with me during two visits I made to the hospital, the second involving my being there for four days.

Their professionalism was of the highest order while the tenderness I witnessed from staff dealing with myself and elderly patients was deeply moving; a young cadet nurse attending to a delirious patient throughout the night; staff returning time and again to calm the fears of an anxious elderly patient.

I wish to congratulate the catering department for the tasty and varied cuisine served at meal times, its quality flies in the face of criticism about “tasteless gloop” and “tired menus”.

The last time I was in hospital was nine years ago, a brand new facility in Norfolk where I experienced hygiene standards best described as life-threatening and where food was swallowed with eyes screwed shut.

Nothing could be further from the truth this time around; visits made throughout the day by cleaning staff, focusing on every nook and cranny; nutritious food served by friendly, caring staff.

Ray Clarke

Cross Lane