Promises made but now forgotten

RE: LETTER from Mr Geoff Seamarks (Evening News, June 3).

It is becoming apparent that there have been a number of complaints made to the council over the problems we face in Lady Edith’s Drive, ie, litter and lack of litter bins for the 1km (approx three-quarters of a mile) between Scalby Road and Throxenby Dam, and the disgraceful state of the small stream which runs parallel with this road. A lot of promises appear to have been made but seem to have been forgotten.

I personally walk this stretch several times a day and pick up litter, most of which appears after lunch breaks in term times between Scalby Road and Yorkshire Coast College.

I have visited the Head of Raincliffe School, Mr Jolley, and have to congratulate him, his staff, the groundsman and the pupils in significantly reducing the amount of litter cast down between Yorkshire Coast College, past Raincliffe School and on to Throxenby Dam. A big thanks and well done!

I have liaised with senior staff at YCC who are attempting to get the message across, although I am afraid there has only been a very slight improvement so far.

But the fact is that we need to have large litter bins outside YCC and Raincliffe School. This would greatly alleviate the problem.

This would also encourage irresponsible dog walkers who pick up their dog waste only to then throw it into the bushes or the stream! If bins were there I feel sure that most of the culprits would use them.

I appreciate that previous litter bins have been fired or damaged but if more substantial concrete and steel-liner bins were properly and soundly erected then I am sure they would stand the punishment meted out by brainless louts.

I wrote on May 29 to Mr Paul Thompson who is Waste Operations Manager, Cleansing Dept, Dean Road Depot, outlining the crisis brewing and have offered to have a site visit with him. No response yet but it was a bank holiday.

I have also started a petition to Scarborough Borough Council to back up my campaign. I intend to visit door to door in the Lady Edith’s area to seek signatories to my petition. If you do not live locally to this area then you can send me an email expressing your support or otherwise or any comments for my campaign. They should be entitled “Petition Re Lady Edith’s Litter-bin Campaign.” It should include your name and postcode, although if you wish to give your full address all the better. My email address is below.

Dave Landry

Moor Lane

Newby, Scarborough