Protection for Freddie

Firstly I would like to thank all those kind people who have expressed concern over Freddie’s present siting and the impact of his marine environment.

All I have met wish to see Freddie remain in the North Bay where he looks so much at home and part of the scene.

Having received many suggestions regarding the sculpture’s maintenance, special thanks are conveyed not only to Freddie’s creator, Ray Lonsdale, but to Freddie Drabble (Sons of Neptune) who has delved into possible solutions and forwarded copious material.

Freddie is composed of cor-ten steel which has proven itself to have a superior resistance to atmospheric corrosion up to eight times that of ordinary steel, even in coastal zones where salt water and spray are present.

Cor-ten steel is a mixture of steel alloys, developed to form a stable rust-like appearance when exposed to the weather. Due to its chemical compositions it forms a dense and light oxide film protective layer when exposed to rain and the natural environmental in the first few years of service.

This weathering forms a protective rust layer that stops the steel being attacked by the elements. If attacked, the chemicals in cor-ten steel will self-heal, repair and create another protective layer. The natural finish does not normally require any form of maintenance such as painting.

Ray Lonsdale and Freddie Drabble’s enquiries have produced the answer. The product required is Owatrol Oil.

Owatrol Oil is a versatile, highly-penetrating air-drying oil that provides a tough, flexible finish and maintains the natural look of the metal surface. It displaces air from rusted metal, so stopping further rusting. The surface must be dry and free from oil and grease. Loose, flaking material must be removed, but not any firm rust. Owatrol Oil should be applied as fast as the rust will absorb it until an even sheen is achieved. It takes 24 hours to dry, and is available in 500ml and 5 litres, with the smaller quantity being recommended for trial.

Yet to move him now away from high tides, would give him a much-extended ‘life’. What do you think?

Maureen Robinson

Malvern Crescent