Pub efforts: Apathy must not kill Swan!

Despite living in Filey I’ve been trying my darndest to help the White Swan in Hunmanby becoming yet another of the 28 pubs a week that are closing, by organising and promoting musical events.

Recently we had the American banjo maestro and all round musical genius Mean Mary and brother Frank to perform.

Capacity was limited to 60 and any profits after the artists’ fees would go to the Save Our Swan campaign. With such a talented artist and a worthy cause I assumed a full house would be a no-brainer.

In the event, we had 40 paying customers which just about covered the artists’ guarantee but didn’t leave anything in the kitty for funding the SOS campaign, except for bar and raffle funds.

Only about 15 to 20 of the audience were from Hunmanby so out of a population of around 3,500 it was a pitiful turnout to see a major Nashville artist and help to save the pub from closure.

If that’s the level of apathy in Hunmanby then I fear the worst.

I’ll keep plugging away, we have another great American duo on June 28, Jeni and Billy, so would be fantastic to see a better response.

There are people working really hard to save the Swan. They are lovely, honourable folk who realise how important the pub is to maintain a vibrant, living community.

Please help them in their vision, or as the renowned Hilaire Belloc so presciently said, “When England loses its inns then drown your empty selves for you have lost the last of England.”

Chris Lee

Mitford Street