Public duped over new lights system

I WONDER when it will dawn on drivers generally that we have all been duped by the ‘park and ride’ scheme which in reality is not doing what those in charge claimed it would.

We were told the new Scarborough Integrated Transport Scheme (SITS which when translated reads Slower in The Streets) would ease traffic congestion while ensuring that buses would have an uninterrupted journey into town thanks to the high-tech traffic lights system.

The public were assured by council officials that the new lights would be synchronised to work in conjunction with park and ride buses, thus ensuring they had priority at junctions as it was essential to complete the journey to town in 12 minutes.

Occasionally, just very occasionally, I have witnessed the lights at Filey Road/Queen Margarets Road junction to favour the dedicated bus lane.

Generally the farcical situation is that these buses coast smoothly along the otherwise deserted bus lane, overtaking long queues of other traffic.

But on reaching this junction the bus is halted by a red light while the centre lane traffic which it passed is allowed through on green.

On occasions I have seen a park and ride bus driver so frustrated with this crazy scenario that, after being passed by numerous cars he had already overtaken, he then pulled out into the centre lane to take advantage of the green light while the bus lane light remained on red.

I last wrote to your paper on this subject some 17 months ago outlining this comedy of errors and demanding to know why the traffic lights were not operating in favour of the buses as we had been led to believe. No answer was forthcoming.

When will someone in charge hold up their hand and admit our ‘park and ride’ scheme is a failure?

This scheme has been up and running for just over two years and chaos continues to reign.

Unnecessary congestion is also created for traffic travelling in the opposite direction on Filey Road when normal buses pull up at stops such as at Avenue Victoria simply because no provision was made for a bus lay-by.

Could we have some official response please on why the new lights are not doing their job?

Roy Briggs