Pupils show musical talent

WE JUST wanted to express our thanks and appreciation for the obvious hard work and dedication that all the pupils of Gladstone Road Junior School put into the performance at the Spa Suncourt.

The amazing setting among the Suncourt with the sea in the background was truly magnificent. The joy from the orchestra under the direction of Miss Brown and Mr Wright was outstanding and the sound was beautiful. It shows what can be done with hard work, practice and dedication.

The Maypole dancers were amazing even from our view at the back and the plaits were lovely on the pole and so accurate. It is wonderful to see this ancient tradition being kept alive, especially with the colourful costumes etc.

The country dancers were joyful and were so obviously enjoying themselves and again so well-rehearsed and seamless performances.

The choirs’ songs were beautiful, thought provoking and very moving and uplifting, again supported by Mr Wright.

The soloists were accomplished and confident in their performances and the Latin dancing and ballroom dancing were sensational and could easily give ‘Strictly’ a run for their money.

How talented and wonderful are the pupils and the dedicated staff who create, guide, instruct and support them, the pride on the children’s faces was evident and so well deserved.

In this current economic climate with fear and negativity, it is these precious memories that keep us uplifted and thankful for all that we have to be grateful for. We are so very thankful and grateful to you all for all your hard work, seen and unseen, that goes on to support, nurture and raise our next generation of children to be wonderful humanitarians.

What hope there is for the future with you all highlighting the plight of many of the world’s poorest countries and children and reminding us all to be aware and to help wherever we can.

The Rhodes Family

Cambridge Street