Put Freddie at Oliver’s Mount

HAVING just read about poor vandalised Freddie and the possible re-siting may I suggest Oliver’s Mount.

The reasons are it would be an apt place by the war memorial, as Freddie is seated and looking downwards he could look down and watch over Scarborough and out towards the sea.

If the council so wished a CCTV camera could be installed and it could be dual purpose, ie protect the war memorial from scrap metal thieves.

I love this town so was surprised when the proposal to glass over Huntriss Row was suggested, surely it would be the largest wind tunnel in the area, when the wind blows in from the sea it is bad enough. Why not glaze over the Open Air Theatre, retractable in summer, and make it a 52-week-a year-venue, or do we only want visitors for the two to three weeks of great weather in the summer?

Be forward thinking, the Victorians were!

Scarborough Lover

Denise Mann

Hanover Road