Put Park and Ride at top of agenda

MUCH has been written and said about our Park and Ride service, but on taking the attached photo at midday last week it prompted me to write as to the management, or rather lack of it of this facility.

I don’t think anyone would disagree that the Park and Ride is a good and useful addition to Scarborough’s tourist and traffic situation, but one bus every 12 minutes throughout the year – I don’t think so.

At peak times, weekends and in particular the summer season there is good cause to continue this schedule, but surely at other times, eg winter weekdays, non peak times etc., this could be reduced to every 15 minutes or even 20 minutes. The cost saving would be considerable – I can work it out for those interested! and the released resources in time and buses could be re-scheduled into much needed journeys to and from Scarborough Hospital for example. This would also add positively to the parking problems there.

I would hope that the newly shaped Scarborough Council would have this excellent but mis-managed subject/facility on their agenda for the near future.

Henry Lunn

Grosvenor Crescent