Put up a fight to save a healthy tree

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RE the “Tree Man” is hit with the law (Evening News, September 24).

How I admire the actions of Mark Snow (Snoz) and more recently Charles Ledger in their dramatic attempts to save a healthy beech tree in Irton village. Having once lived in the village, I have every sympathy with the residents and their united efforts in such a worthwhile cause.

I worked as a part-time voluntary conservationist at Tring Reservoirs in Hertfordshire and at Stodmarsh Nature Reserve in Kent (along with Knocking Hoe and Bedfordshire sites) between 1963-1970. Such “vandalism” to a healthy tree would have been deplored without a good, honest reason for destruction.

Where is the proof that this tree’s roots have caused damage? Why was a tree-preservation order granted, if it was known to be invading the drains and damaging walling? Why wasn’t a possible simple solution discussed before costing tax payers at least £250,000? Also, why order a tree surgeon from a considerable distance away to fell the tree?

I’m sure we have a good number of tree surgeons in the Scarborough area.

Finally, and I’m no expert in this field, but couldn’t an inverted wall or “ha-ha” have been built on the wall-side of the tree’s roots to prevent or restrict further root growth? It’s just an idea, but would have possibly helped save the tree and provided a cheaper proposed option. I do know, as Charles Ledger correctly states, that this tree is part of Irton’s environment and provides a living link in the habitats and food chain of local flora and fauna. Let’s all put up a stand and fight to save this handsome, life-giving tree from the axe!

Maureen Robinson

Malvern Crescent