Raptors to blame for the loss of small birds

In reply to Mr Maxwell’s original letter. I did say I did not mind anyone commenting on my remarks just so long as they were not the RSPB’s puppets.

I said he should look at the internet to confirm my figures and that they are, or should be a deep woodland bird both of which are correct and which he has conveniently forgotten.

What use is it looking in the RSPB’s website regarding the decimation of our song birds by the sparrow hawk, they are not in the least interested.

Everyone I know who has a garden feeding table has been visited by a sparrow hawk and it is these people you should ask. Until the raptors were put on the protected list their numbers were controlled by the game keepers and anyone else who was affected by them and a balance was maintained.

Since the raptors were protected their numbers have increased, the sparrow hawks being greater then ever previously recorded.

For every extra sparrow hawk we lose at least 1,000 small birds a year.

It is the fact that raptors were controlled and are now not that has upset the balance and nothing more, they did not exist side by side without being controlled and would not have done.

The RSPB is a big business with a propaganda machine that must cost much of the £1.1m subscription they receive and yet the song birds that most people are interested in are being decimated at an alarming rate and the RSPB make every excuse other than the raptors for the decline.

A Rosbottom

Hatterboard Drive