Re campaign: good luck but safety first

WHILE I sympathise with the residents of Ganton with the issue of the A64 ‘blackspot’, I am surprised that there is such an outcry. Many of these residents moved there knowing that there was a main road at the end of their village.

Luckily for them the road doesn’t actually run through the village itself. I appreciate the main village is split from the golf course side. I have used the golf course side many, many times and have entered the A64 without any problems.

I note that Jayne Scotland says that it’s lucky no-one has been killed. While I sympathise with those who feel it’s dangerous, I think a bit of common sense and care on all parts will make our roads safer.

I don’t think rumble strips would be any good, I doubt that would slow them down, it’s a well policed road. Slowing traffic and causing congestion on a busy main road isn’t the answer, that would only cause more problems and possibly accidents.

Refer to the old Green Cross Code, look right, look left, look right again, if all clear proceed.

Good luck with your campaign for safety though.

Mr M Nesfield

Cliffords Terrace