Recollections of the Boro’s Geoffrey years

re your appeal for memories of Geoffrey Richmond.

He was very quick to introduce himself when I first met him and keen to know all about my video work and if he could help me in any way. At the time video was a somewhat new thing in the lower echelons of the football league.

He was always most supportive to my cause and I felt I could approach him very easily with any problems, ideas etc which I had. Straight talking and never shy of the front line when conflict loomed I found him to be honest and most of all we quickly worked out a budget for my video work and he settled bills promptly.

He might not have known as much about the game as maybe he should but football is one of the biggest businesses around and he was a businessman.

I didn’t agree with him bringing rugby league to the McCain Stadium but I have never thought that the two went hand in hand.

When Geoffrey came along Boro were well and truly in it. He arrived, pumped his money in and when he left his money stayed and the club was solvent.

He did the job he came to do – bailed them out and set the club on a sound financial footing which, if his work had been continued, then maybe, just maybe we would still have had a league team playing in our own town. Those days are long gone but never forgotten and will surely never return in my lifetime.

As far as I’m concerned he was the right man at the right time.

Jim Goodman

Howes Road