Record put straight on pothole question

RE: LETTER from Andrew Jenkinson about potholes.

I must put the record straight if only for the amazed Andrew Jenkinson’s benefit, as he asked in his letter why I had not bothered to report or draw attention to the overwhelming number of deep potholes before Christmas, instead of after the local elections?

The answer to his question must be so obvious to almost all other resident readers except Andrew Jenkinson; it is that I did report the ones I came across, but as yet repairs have not been as quick or forthcoming as one would like. As you rightly concluded in your letter, the highways department are doing their best.

As a private hire and a dual badge driver you agreed with me that the town’s potholes are a nightmare, but you failed to point out if you had ever reported any.

You must have seen numerous deep potholes, smashed telephone boxes with glass everywhere across the footpath and the many street lights and traffic lights on your journeys around the town that were not working, with the occasional dangerous traffic light sequences needing an urgent change.

Regarding the two-foot-square objects reported from early May, sticking out from the pavement into the highway on Aberdeen Walk that will most certainly dismount a cyclist, motorbike rider or damage your vehicle are still there, after highways stated that they would be removed weeks ago.

Andrew ended his letter saying that he would champion this cause by giving 100 per cent, if that is correct he has already lost the support of the residents who voted for him, as you are expected to give 120 per cent and some.

Finally, we past, present and hopefully future caring councillors, use our position wisely, in reporting things which we believe are in need of urgent and news worthy attention.

Like the Battle for Trafalgar Street West and petition to keep this vital road way open, I hope you and many other local residents who care about our seaside town sign and support your Battle for Trafalgar.

Phil McDonald

Wreyfield Drive