Registering dogs is key to their safety

RE: BYE Bye Ruby

I’m sure that there will be plenty of submissions venting the disgust at this type of act.

It might appropriate if the UK followed the French example with regards to dog registration.

All dogs over three months have to be registered and this is administered by the Veterinary Service . I’m not advocating tattooing but the microchip is the way forward. The attending vet fills in a register and it is sent off for central registration which is stored on computer and can be checked immediately.

If on visiting the vet the hitherto unregistered dog was micro chipped and registered this would assist in tracing dogs which are found in any circumstances.

Although, I have to point out that France is awash with dogs in kennels, so no system is perfect but it would go some way in policing this issue.

Furthermore their regulation require classification of the breed which again must surely assist in curtailing the current unfettered ownership of some very questionable dogs and their very questionable owners.

In the meantime I look forward to reading about the former owners day in court.

John Pawson

Greylands Park Drive