Remarkable Max a real friend to town

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MAY I express my deepest appreciation and heartfelt sadness at the passing of Mr Max Payne.

I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting Mr Payne on several occasions. A truly humble and generous man.

To his family and various friends, I send my deep condolence.

This remarkable son of Scarborough has done so much for us that it beggers belief that we live in a world of sadness and woe that cries out for love and compassion from all of us, yet few step forward to give as much as our Max did.

His collection of photographs are always a delight to mull over as it brings the past into sharp focus for us to enjoy days gone by.

God bless you my dear friend. My tears of sadness are shed freely as a token of appreciation of the love and kindness you showed for your fellow man.

RIP and my love always

Lloyd George

Castle Road


I was so shocked to hear of the passing of Max Payne.

Having known him personally and in business for many years, I can only echo the sentiments reflected by so many in your article of April 18.

I think that it was after his retirement that Max’s life really took a major change and he very quickly became an icon and a legend in Scarborough.

His smiling face, glowing personality and of course his charity work will be sorely missed as will he.

Goodbye my friend, RIP Max.

Jim Goodman

Howes Road