Repairs: Dangerous state of roads

As a 76-year-old driver, though it is only in our town I drive, and mainly to the shops, I, along with many other people who drive around our once beautiful town, are exceedingly annoyed by the dangerous state of most of our roads.

Yes, we do have council staff whose duty it is to carry out these very necessary repairs.

If it wasn’t so serious you could laugh when you see how road damage is treated. I personally have seen many holes that our council staff have carried out so-called repairs on.

Many holes have been filled with tarmac etc, but in the process they tend to cause hollows, you end up with little hills, the exact opposite to the roads.

Motorbikes and cycles have no chance to avoid holes or hills, as they don’t see the hazard until it’s too late.

I personally don’t know who is supposed to be in charge of these so-called “road repairs”, as it is obvious they do not know how to do their job.

Bryan Rutter

Garfield Road