Revive hotel and retail trade

AS AN annual Scarborough visitor over the past 30 years, I am saddened to note the accelerating decline in this once-proud holiday resort.

Closed retail outlets abound, former name hotels, guest houses etc now boast ‘For Sale’ boards. Holiday entertainment is almost non existent.

Even the Spa is now bereft of quality productions.

This is exemplified by the 10-piece orchestra manfully (and womanfully) trying to entertain, perhaps 100 elderly patrons in the grand resplendently refurbished hall which can accommodate an 800-plus audience.

Soul destroying, not merely for the musicians and guest artistes but for the Scarborough Town Council coffers.

Scarborough Council must act now and swiftly.

Shelve any further ‘cultural’ developments (casinos included) and assist the remnants of the once vibrant hotel and retail trade thereby recovering the obviously dwindling and disillusioned tourists.

Perhaps a re-appraisal of the current extortionate parking charges would be a start.

Allan C Steele

Forres Avenue