RIP Bryan Lawrence - Scarborough scouting veteran made us what we are today

Bryan Lawrence
Bryan Lawrence

So sorry to read of the death of Bryan Lawrence (Skip), he was such a nice guy.

I was in the Scouts in the 1960s when the First Scarborough was formed.

We had nowhere to meet after leaving St Columba’s Church but had open air meetings on Manor Road play area (weather permitting) until Bryan secured the Wesleyan Chapel on Hoxton Road.

Talking recently to Bryan, in all places a doctor’s surgery, we were reminiscing about Scout camps and he reminded me of how on one camp he told his lads (we were always his lads) to set up the toilet tent as he needed to go.

Nothing fancy then, just an old tin drum complete with a toilet seat.

Bryan entered the tent and being Bryan decided to empty the contents of his pipe into the container.

There was a flash and Bryan gave out a shout...the tin had previously been used for petrol. Poor Bryan ended up going to A&E for dressings.

Think of Bryan and all sorts come to mind - the Mini Moke jeep he had, the converted Bedford ambulance the group bought to transport equipment and Scouts, sponsored walks to Birch Hall to raise funds for Scout HQ on Maple Drive, balloon races, the Scout dance, the list goes on.

He had a cheery word for each of us and a brilliant sense of humour and most of all he had time for us.

As someone has already said, he made many of us what we are today and we will always be “one of his lads”.

RIP Skip.

Shaun Wadsworth

Castlemount Avenue