Risks of developing site are just too high

Open letter to Scarborough Borough Council planning.

More concerns are again being shown over the development at West Garth/Station Road, this time in a letter from the Land and Planning Yorkhsire Water Services recently placed on your planning web site. The letter states and I quote: 1 This site is in very close proximity to one of the main public water supply sources for Scarborough - the Cayton Station Road boreholes. Yorkshire Water abstract ground water in from these boreholes for use in the public water supply, consequently the area is highly sensitive to ground water pollution.

In a later paragraph (3) they state and again I quote: a) There is no foul water domestic waste capacity available in the local public sewer network; and c) the local public sewer network does not have capacity to accept any discharge of surface water from the proposed site.

We of Cayton Residents Action Group ask yet again can this development be allowed to continue with such risk to the people Scarborough Borough Council represent, we think not.

What must also be borne in mind when contemplating the seriousness of this situation is the (the development) 150 to 175 houses now on the cards is in fact only a very small part, phase one, of a total of over 2,000 homes to be built on the same site, a site stretching over some three square miles, and tripling the size of our village. The land involved all slopes uphill therefore all the additional surface water will end up downhill on the present site. This fact, it seems, is being totally ignored by the borough council.

We feel that any additional development on this site must be taken into account, and make note that the concerns shown by the water authority are only for phase one, this first phase is only 10 per cent of the total.

We at Cayton are often accused of Nimbyism, but again must point out that, if this development goes wrong the damage is not only in our back yard but the whole of Scarborough and district.

Please Scarborough Council think again, discontinue this development, the risks are too high.

KE Woonton

Chairman Cayton Residents Action Group

Green Croft Gardens