Road nightmare will become worse

THE REPORTS and letters commenting on the problems of the traffic flow at the B&Q junction refer mainly to those using the retail business car park with trouble getting out at busy times.

The fact is, it isn’t only the car park that is affected.

It badly affects the flow of traffic along Seamer Road, in both directions. It also causes traffic coming out of Queen Margarets Road to build up, and it has a good chance of blocking traffic flow on Valley Road, and Falsgrave, and all roads feeding into them, as the increase of traffic in the town draws more vehicles to this area.

There is only one useful way of sorting the situation out, replace the useless traffic lights with a big roundabout, the road is plenty wide enough, then the traffic flow will automatically regulate itself.

The road junction at the park and ride should have been a roundabout in the first place, also service Stoney Haggs Road, The Dell and Dean’s. It only needed the car park exit road adjusting to make that work.

Then the Queen Margarets junction needs looking at properly. Here again, a roundabout would prove a lot more useful than the lights, even if it means creating a left turn only to the B&Q roundabout, with a dividing barrier creating a duel carriageway for that short distance.

That would solve that batch of problems very easily, that still leaves the problems at the other end of Queen Margarets Road. Problems like these lights causing trouble should be recognised and sorted out without delay. It doesn’t need that much brain power to see what the problem is, and what needs doing to put it right. This ought to have been served by a roundabout right from the start. The alterations that were done a few months ago served no useful good at all.

The idea of creating another way out of the B&Q car park will not deal with the problem of traffic flow where it’s needed at all. It’s more likely to make matters even worse than the traffic lights on Seamer Road have already done.

Mark Williams

Oriel Crescent