Roadworks repairs not fit for purpose

AS I read Mr Phil McDonald’s letter (Evening News, May 26) I could not help but to agree in what he was saying about the state of our road network. Over many years of neglect many highways and side roads have fallen into disrepair and are very dangerous, not just to drivers but to those who ride motorcycles and bicycles. When you think how much people pay to drive on the road, repairs not fit for purpose are not acceptable.

I thought a new village had sprung up the other day when I saw a sign for ‘Loose Chippings’. Yes they are back, the car-paint chippers and windscreen crackers, and cheap ‘gloss over the cracks’ road surfaces. Potholes are not the only frustrating thing, I think when the ‘white lining’ is done it seems they use whitewash. Why? Because in a very short time they wash off the road surface, and around the estates and the town the roads start to look tatty, and the road regulations are being flouted.

If I use my vehicle without an MOT, Road Fund Licence, or insurance I can get a fine if caught and points on my licence, so why can’t North Yorkshire Council, the local council and Central Government be fined for not complying to traffic regulations and clear road markings and level surfaces?

Finally, I reported a fault with the traffic lights at the crossroads at the top of Eastway, this was two weeks ago and still today they are faulty. It’s dangerous, and who pays if there is an accident?

I think all parties could do a lot better. We the motorist have not stopped paying, in fact we are paying thousands more, so we want better, it’s our right. Why should our vehicles and our pocket take the hit every time, it’s not fair.

John Large

Shire Croft