Roadworks to keep the noise down

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Re: the current resurfacing works in Albemarle Crescent -

How heart warming it was to read in the Evening News that the North Yorkshire County Council had arranged for the work to be carried out during the day, after consultation with local businesses, “so as not to disturb guests”.

What “guests”? This is hardly an upmarket, five star accommodation area of town is it?

I live in Falsgrave, where recent resurfacing work was carried out during the hours of 7pm to 2am (on occasions going on until well past this time and once until 4am!!) There was no consultation with the residents of Falsgrave as to whether these times would cause disturbance. No, they just went right ahead and did it!

The reason for work during these unearthly hours were, according to letters sent to residents, was to minimise congestion and diversions!! This is absolutely priceless. Have any of the North Yorkshire County Council Stasi seen the long queues of traffic all along Victoria Road during their daytime roadworks? Or perhaps this doesn’t count as “congestion”? After all, we can’t have the “guests” at the various residences along Albemarle Crescent disturbed can we?

Trisha Scott

West Park Terrace