Royal needs stylish return

I have been extremely interested in the various stories about the problems at the Royal Hotel - all I can say is that when I stayed there on many occasions in the 1980s the service and the decor were both impeccable and any deterioration in either is to be deplored.

I have two happy memories dating from the times in the late 1940s when the hotel was securely in the Laughton connection.

On one occasion I was attending a New Year’s party there and believe it or not the hotel was visited by the famous actor and brother of Tom, Charles Laughton. I remember that he was cheerfully signing autographs and used me as a rest whilst he scribbled away. The other memory is of the annual dinner in the latter part of each year in the 1940s which was given by the Scarborough Operatic Society for those who voluntarily appeared in the various summer shows. I had the pleasure to attend four of these functions and what stood out for me in particular was the wonderful meringue dish with fresh whipped cream - my mouth still waters when I remember them.

I also have fond memories of the lovely bar and occasions such as during the Scarborough Cricket Festival when the occupants of that bar were a whose who of the cricketers of the day including one year (1948?), the Australian touring team with Don Bradman.

I do hope that someone with style, knowledge and panache takes over the Royal and brings it up to the standards of those halcyon days.

Maurice Johnson

Cottage Farm