Royal visit: Britannia facts don’t add up

I read with interest your news story about Prince Charles visiting the museum at GCHQ Scarborough (Scarborough News online, July 31), and how “retired Historian Mike” (to quote from your news story), ‘He (Mike) also informed Charles for the first time that the Royal Yacht Britannia had part of it kitted out with equipment during the Second World War - turning it into a “floating” war room.’

I would suggest that ‘retired Historian Mike’ doesn’t know his history as The Royal Yacht Britannia wasn’t ordered until (I believe) February 5, 1952, launched April 16, 1953, and commissioned until January 11, 1954.

As you can therefore appreciate, I find it very difficult to believe that Britannia was used as a ‘floating war room’ in World War II as time travel hadn’t been invented then and to the best of my knowledge, still hasn’t been invented yet.

Unless, of course, ‘retired Historian Mike’ knows something that the rest of us don’t...

Andrew P Smith

National Sales Manager,

Kramer Electronics (UK) Ltd