Rubbish service for waste collections

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MONDAY APRIL 18th was supposed to be our rubbish bin day, so along with most of Valley Road, and everyone on a Monday collection, we all placed our bins out to be emptied and later that day went to bring them in only to find they were still full.

A call to the council office reveals that our bins were to be emptied on Saturday 16th excuse given. There are a number of bank holidays coming up so dates were changed. Normally our bins are a day late after a bank holiday but we haven’t had one yet. No notification in the paper, no notes on our bins.

The lady at the council said “don’t worry, we will allow you an extra bag or two next collection in two weeks time”. “Can’t it be emptied earlier” I enquired? “Possibly but we can’t guarantee it” was the reply. So now for four weeks we have a full bin (before anyone starts, yes we recycle as much as we can) and extra sacks lying about. Sorry I can’t pay my council tax on time, I may be able to but can’t guarantee it.

Severely underhand tactics from the council to save some cash, we pay for bins to be emptied fortnightly not monthly, you changed the dates,

Well inform us via the evening paper or stickers on our bins. Remember we pay your wages!

C Gray

Valley Road