Running costs will outweigh building’s usefulness

RE: SKIPTON Building Society.

This building, which was called a white elephant by many residents in our borough, is really out of the way for people without their own transport or those who have to pay to travel on buses to reach it. How many staff will rattle around in this huge building, and how many rooms will be unoccupied?

The rates and heating/lighting costs will be huge no doubt!! The running costs will surely outweigh the usefulness of this venture.

Still, ratepayers as usual will no doubt pick up the tab eventually. The upside of it is, there are sufficient parking facilities for staff, and no traffic lights to contend with. Shopping facilities are very handy too, with the added bonus of a pub and McDonalds. Employees will be in seventh heaven. The general public will not be, especially the elderly, and disabled.

Mr K Richardson

Providence Place, Filey