Saddened by state of our cemeteries

I HAVE recently visited the cemeteries in Scarborough for various reasons and am appalled and truly heartbroken at the condition Dean Road/Manor Road has been allowed to become and remain. Something seriously has to be done and quickly.

I have read letters in the paper from previous years and great things seem to have been promised as to the upkeep of this cemetery. It is a very sad sight to behold with the amount of heartless vandalism and it must be prevented and repaired. People have paid so much throughout history to show the world their love, admiration and respect for their loved ones and this has to be protected.

Every person in this cemetery is an important person, not just those who are local dignitaries etc. Why is it that so much effort is placed upon the upkeep of Woodlands cemetery, is it simply that the money is poured into this area as it’s a going concern, with the crematorium in place and a money maker still. I say come on Scarborough Council implement plans to oversee this cemetery and come down heavy on those that desecrate these memorials.

Coupled with this, I’m saddened at the amount of locals who seem to feel it’s OK to allow their dogs to run freely throughout the cemetery fouling the grounds.

Wendy Kennedy

Gipsy Hill