Salvation Army: Many thanks for generosity

We write to you to express, through your newspaper, our thanks to the people of Scarborough.

We moved to Scarborough in July to lead the work of The Salvation Army and have just completed our first Christmas here. We have been amazed, astonished, staggered and even reduced to tears by the generosity of the people of Scarborough who have supported our work so willingly.

We want to thank those who have donated financially to our collections in the town centre during December. We raised £4,628.86 which will be used to serve the community of Scarborough through the work of The Salvation Army. In these times of austerity when we are all feeling the effects in our lives it is incredible that we have raised this fantastic amount of money. We are overwhelmed by this generosity and we say a genuine, heartfelt thank you to you.

There have been many local businesses and organisations that have supported our work in recent weeks and we would also like to thank them for their generous support.

People of Scarborough, thank you so so much!

Lieutenants Richard and Lorna Weston

Scarborough Salvation Army

Alma Parade