Scarborough austerity claim could seem ‘hollow’

Demolition of the Futurist Theatre.
Demolition of the Futurist Theatre.

Regarding Cllr Bill Chatt’s diatribe under the heading: ‘Austerity is over - for who?’ (Scarborough News, December 20).

May I suggest that his rhetorical question will not have much resonance with the borough’s ratepayers and may seem somewhat ‘hollow’ under the circumstances.

So our councillors must make £5m of savings whilst telling us ‘the jar is empty’ as Mr Chatt puts it.

Yet the council continues to exercise a blatant disregard for those they should represent while relentlessly pursuing their own dubious and expensive pet projects with scant apparent regard for ‘austerity’.

The £5m demolition of the Futurist comes to mind.

Surely any cash-strapped council should have welcomed the involvement of the community to run the theatre at no cost to the borough.

Further, projects such as the water park and other council backed and funded, out of character developments shouldn’t have even been considered if the jar was indeed ‘empty’.

Similarly austerity was not high on the agenda when councillors voted to recommend the £3.5m needless and controversial development of the Cinder Track.

Who’s actually going to fund this?

Unlike this council we, the long-suffering ratepayers, have to make real and tough savings, and without the crocodile tears, to apparently bail-out an out of touch Town Hall regime.

Jayne Anne Strutt

Scalby Road, Scarborough