School praise for marvellous show

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If you live in Scarborough and didn’t manage to go to the Stephen Joseph Theatre you really missed a treat.

Scalby School’s production of Les Miserables was a fantastic professional show.

My congratulations go to teachers Chris Taylor and John Morgan, all their hard work was certainly worth it. Well done to the other musicians.

What a pity I couldn’t actually see them.

The cast was just wonderful, it really came over how much they all enjoyed the performing. Good luck to any of them perhaps thinking of a career in theatre. Thanks also to the scene shifters who were very efficient.

I was so delighted that they received a standing ovation. It’s the first time I’ve witnessed this in 60 years of theatre going around the country.

How about the Open Air Theatre, perhaps for ‘one day only’ in the summer.

What a perfect finish for the school year July 2011.

KM Staves

Bell Close


I attended the Stephen Joseph Theatre to see Scalby School’s production of Les Miserables.

This was absolutely, and without doubt, one of the most moving shows I have ever seen.

The actors gave a superb performance, and the singing and choreography - fantastic.

What talented young people - a credit to the school - and to the staff who supported them.

Thank you, it was amazing.

Patricia Davis

The Parkway


WE WERE privileged to go and see the latest production by Scalby School, namely Les Miserables at the Stephen Joseph Theatre.

What a marvellous production, around 100 students were involved and when you think that equates to 10% of the school register, it just goes to show the commitment that this school and its students have to performing arts.

We, along with others, were spellbound from start to finish by this polished performance, which by the way would not be out of place on any West End theatre stage.

The parents of these students must be immensely proud in what has been achieved.

We would like to congratulate the headteacher David Read and his staff for providing excellent leadership in helping these wonderful and talented students achieve what they did on the night.

Congratulations to all concerned, you students are a credit to the youth of Scarborough by showing such enthusiasm by wanting to be part of a winning team.

Cllr and Mrs D J Bastiman

Scalby Road


LAST Saturday we had the privilege of attending the Stephen Joseph Theatre to enjoy the most outstanding performance by students of Scalby School of “Les Mis”. WOW!!

The professionalism and the maturity of the whole cast was brilliant, good enough for any London stage.

Many thanks to all involved for an unforgettable evening - Bravo, Bravo, Bravo.

Jenny Dowling

Sea Cliff Road